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Welcome to Powers Medical

Keith O. Bodrero D.O., PhD and Staff welcome you to Powers Medical, Family Practice and Wellness Center.

Powers Medical was merged with Centura Health, Penrose Hospital, and Centura Health Physicians Group (CHPG) on February 1, 2017.  The name of the practice is now CHPG Powers.  Dr Bodrero was an employee of CHPG Powers from February 1, 2017  through October 2, 2017.  Dr Bodrero is no longer employed by or asssociated with CHPG Powers.  We did this transition so that Powers Medical patients would still have a home for family practice medical care after Dr Bodrero retired from family practice medicine.  If you want to continue with CHPG Powers for your medical care, their phone number is 719-571-1088, and they are still at the same location, 6080 North Carefree Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80922.
Powers Medical still exists for two purposes: 

1. As a practice providing only cash based integrative and holistic medical services, primarily Centers Of Control Therapy,
    Dr Bodrero's energetic intentional healing technique. Other services may be added in the future.

  2.  To conduct the business of Powers Medical. 

This includes the continued billing and receipt of payments due to Powers Medical and Dr Bodrero.
It also includes the management and storage of the patient charts of Powers Medical's patients. 

To reach Powers Medical by mail:
Powers Medical 
5740 N Carefree Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
This location is not the physical location of Powers Medical; it is only a mail box location.

For Information, Appointments and Call backs:

If you call, please leave a short message about the purpose of your call. Your call will be

If you want to request records, please follow the directions below. 
Medical Records Requests for Powers Medical's records:

To have your medical records sent to another physician, please complete a medical records
request at the physician's office and have it sent to the PO Box above.

To request medical records to be sent to your self, please print the medical records request
form and mail it to the 
above address.  There will be a charge for having your records sent 
you. Please include your phone number on the Records Release Form so that we can contact
you about the cost of 
your records.

Medical records will be stored according to law, a minimum of 7 years from the date of last
We reserve the right to provide medical records in an electronic format.